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We suggest booking your accommodation first, especially during school and public holidays, as our quality hotels book up quickly. You can book directly with our preferred accommodation providers, or through either of our two Rotorua i-SITE Visitor Information Centres who provide a 100% money back guarantee if your accommodation is not as they promise.


Next you’ll want to plan some of your activities. There are lots of amazing things to do and see in Rotorua; some require pre-booking, while others welcome guests any time. Our i-SITE travel experts can help you with this too, after all, they’re the locals you can trust to ensure your experience in Rotorua is the best! 


Rotorua is filled with clever people who love creating amazing experiences. Think ZORB, Skyline Rotorua’s Luge, Velocity Valley’s Shweeb Racer – just a few ingenious products invented right here in Rotorua! Be sure to check out the latest and greatest experiences, eateries and accommodation options to add to your itinerary.

Book your Rotorua activities or accommodation with the only quality-assured, money-back guarantee in the market. 

Advice from our Rotorua i-SITE Visitor Information Centre is reliable and comes from locals who care. 

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