About RotoruaNZ

RotoruaNZ is the Economic Development Agency (EDA) and Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) for the Rotorua district. Our work supports the development of the Rotorua economy, unlocking opportunities for commercial investment, and providing employment, wealth and well-being for all of our people. RotoruaNZ is committed to developing and promoting Rotorua as a destination of choice to work, study, visit, invest and live in. RotoruaNZ’s key trading activities and brands are RotoruaNZ and isite.


RotoruaNZ is a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) that works in partnership with iwi, private sector businesses, local government, community organisations, and central government to support their growth aspirations and enhance the Rotorua identity and reputation. We operate as a neutral entity and a trusted advisor, balancing the needs of each group of stakeholders for the benefit of

the destination.


RotoruaNZ is committed to sustainability and focused on reducing our environmental footprint. We continue to work with EKOS to measure and offset our remaining carbon emissions to become certified zero carbon, and we work closely with the visitor economy to support local businesses and their journeys to embed sustainability practices into their operations.

Statement of Intent

RotoruaNZ's annual Statement of Intent (SOI) sets out the CCO’s strategic framework, activities and performance measures to deliver on its objectives and contribute to RLC's targets and priorities.

Statement of Intent 2024/25
Statement of Intent 2023/24
Statement of Intent 2022/23
Statement of Intent 2021/22
Statement of Intent 2020/21
Statement of Intent 2019/20

Annual Report

Our Annual Report reflects on the highlights of the year and monitors progress against the SOI.

RotoruaNZ Limited Annual Report 2021 - 2022
Rotorua Economic Development Annual Report 2020 - 2021

Rotorua Economic Development Annual Report 2019 - 2020

RotoruaNZ Board

Tim Cossar (Chair)
David Tapsell
Keri-Anne Tane
Christopher Auld
Paul Button
Marisa Bidois
Sarah Meikle
Paul Rayner (Board Observer)

Charlotte Brady (Board Observer)

Staff Conflict of Interest

RotoruaNZ has a Conflict of Interest policy which states that all RotoruaNZ staff must declare whether they or a member of their immediate family have a business interest that could be seen as a conflict with the work they do for RotoruaNZ.

The declared information is openly shared with the Board and RotoruaNZ managers, and the chief executive is responsible for making sure there is no preference given to any other organisation as a result of a conflict.

If you have questions about the policy or potential conflicts, please contact the chief executive Andrew Wilson