Eat & Drink in Rotorua

A diverse foodie scene awaits


Four distinct seasons, fertile soils and mild temperatures means our region is rich in fruit, vegetables, herbs, lamb, beef, pork and chicken.


This makes for a vibrant and varied array of eateries to choose from in Rotorua. From fine dining, artisan cafés and restaurants, to pub fare, three weekly markets, steambox (meals cooked using natural sources of geothermal steam), hāngī (a traditional Māori underground cooking method), locally brewed craft beer and wine – Rotorua has it all and the list continues to grow.


With the bustling hub of Eat Streat and a steady stream of new and innovative cafés and restaurants opening their doors, Rotorua has become a well-known foodie destination with a global smorgasbord of gastronomical delights.

Visitors' stories

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