Velocity Valley

Adventure / North

Velocity Valley (formerly Agroventures Adventure Park) offers six truly unique New Zealand adventures suitable for all ages and comfort levels. We are proudly home to the world's ONLY Shweeb Racer as well as the Swoop, Agrojet, Freefall Xtreme, Rotorua Bungy and the Freestyle Airbag. We make fast fun for everyone.

Your Rotorua adventure starts here!

Velocity Valley, home of Speed and Adrenaline has the world’s only Shweeb – a human-powered monorail racetrack, Rotorua Bungy – a New Zealand icon, and Agrojet - the fastest jet sprint experience in NZ, swing from 40m towards the earth at 130kmph on NZ’s one and only Swoop, and the Southern Hemisphere's only wind tunnel - the Freefall Xtreme.

Velocity Valley has New Zealand's first dedicated bike airbag that allows riders to train for freestyle tricks as they descend a hill and hit one of three ramps to get air.

Spend an hour or the entire day – we will give you an unforgettable experience and a sense of accomplishment that will remain long after you have waved us farewell.

Located only 10 minutes north of Rotorua, we offer five exhilarating activities. Our experienced, professional crew are with you all the way through, guaranteeing your needs are met. Like Lela, one of the Original Guides of Rotorua, who loves nothing more than taking guests for white-knuckle spins round the Valley. When you catch your breath, make sure you ask her about her latest powerlifting comp or how much she’s deadlifting at the moment.
How to find us?

1335 Paradise Valley Road, Rotorua