Rotorua Lakefront

Public Places & Spaces

Walking, running or cycling along the Rotorua lakefront is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful setting.

The first recorded public playground equipment in Rotorua was a merry-go-round gifted to the children of Rotorua by local bakers Mr and Mrs Graeff in 1929. Since then, the lakefront has grown in popularity, leading to the development of a large playground, toilet block and grassy picnic areas.

Following significant redevelopment, a beautiful new boardwalk was created that features multiple wide pathways following the shoreline, projecting out over the lake, and criss-crossing in some areas. The grounds have been beautifully landscaped with native plants and plenty of spots to sit and admire the views.

A new and much larger playground was also built, with epic features such as two large smooth-surface loops for bikes, scooters and skateboards, dual flying foxes, a basketball half-court, a nest swing, a rope course with slide, a pendulum swing and net see-saw, spaces to sit, relax, and watch the action, and much more. A new toilet block has been added near the playground too.

As work on the western end of the lakefront continues, a new whare waka for the Te Arawa Waka Taua will be built, and space for commercial activities will be created, including Katoa Lake Rotorua, and Volcanic Air.

More information can be found on Rotorua Lakes Council's website here and here.

The lakefront is within walking distance from the city centre and Eat Streat, and adjacent to the Village Green where markets, music festivals and sporting events take place. It's a fantastic central hub for locals and visitors to enjoy a stroll or bike ride along the lake.

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