Walking & Hiking

Nature lovers who love to get around on foot, find great delight in the dozens of trails through beautiful forests and around tranquil lakes
Call in to see the friendly staff at either of our i-SITE locations for information on trails, as well as camping sites, huts and other great attractions, or speak to a Department of Conservation (DOC) consultant, located at our Fenton Street i-SITE.

Download and save the PDF guide for Walking and hiking in Rotorua here:
Walking and hiking in Rotorua (PDF) or check out these 10 wonderful walks
Tarawera Trail is a fan favourite. This 15-kilometre advanced tramping track has everything from bridges and natural springs, to native bush and gorgeous views of two lakes. At the end, your efforts will be rewarded with a natural hot water beach, so make sure to include your swim suit when you pack your backpack.
If the return trip by foot is too daunting, pre-book a water taxi to take you back to the start.

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Lake Rotoiti

Walking & Hiking

Lake Rotoiti is one of the three largest lakes in the Rotorua region. Surrounded by lush native bush, it also features glow worm caves and a secluded hot pool complex. 

Lake Rotomā

Walking & Hiking

Lake Rotomā means "lake of exceptionally clear water". The lake currently has the best water quality of all the Rotorua lakes.

Lake Rotokākahi (Green Lake)

Walking & Hiking

Rotokākahi means "the lake of the shellfish kakahi". Locals also refer to the lake as the Green Lake.

Maunga Kākaramea (Rainbow Mountain) Summit Track

Walking & Hiking

A 2.5km walk or mountain bike ride to the top of Mt Kakaramea rewards you with breathtaking 360° views.

Kaharoa Kōkako Track

Walking & Hiking, North

The Kaharoa Kōkako Track offers a great opportunity to hear the enchanting dawn chorus of New Zealand's native birds, including the kōkako. If you’re really lucky, you may even spot a kōkako or two high up in the canopy above.

Kuirau Park

Walking & Hiking

Check out the natural boiling, bubbling and steaming geothermal action throughout Kuirau Park, New Zealand’s only free geothermal public park!

Rotorua Museum: Outside the Walls Historical Government Gardens Tours

Walking & Hiking

Discover Rotorua's rich culture, volatile landscape and legendary figures in this must-do FREE tour around the famous Rotorua Museum and Government Gardens.

Totally Tarawera

Walking & Hiking

Guided cultural and geothermal tours to Te Rātā Bay and Hot Water Beach, including a natural hot pool soak.

Sulphur Bay Wildlife Refuge

Walking & Hiking

Explore an amazing geothermal area where threatened bird populations make their home.

Ōhinemutu Māori Village

Walking & Hiking

Connect with the culture, people, history and landscape that have made Rotorua the incredible place it is today.

Lake Tarawera

Walking & Hiking

One of the largest lakes in New Zealand, the picturesque Lake Tarawera (meaning ‘burnt spear’), is a firm favourite with boaties, and famous for the size and condition of its rainbow trout.

Tarawera Trail

Walking & Hiking, East

The 15km Tarawera Trail is a beautiful native bush walk that follows the contour of Lake Tarawera to the popular Te Rātā Bay and Hot Water Beach.