12 best spots for fishing in Rotorua

Trout season is still open so here are 12 great reasons to pack up your family AND your fishing gear and head to Rotorua.

From the highest catch rates to the biggest fish, the most remote to the family-friendly spots, you’ll find 11 of our region’s best lakes for fishing featured below. But that’s not all Rotorua has to offer anglers young and old. As well lakes, we have a number of excellent rivers and streams, plus one spot where the kids are guaranteed a catch!

1. Lake Rotorua

Lake Rotorua has everything going for it. It’s the largest lake in the district; it’s only five minutes' walk from the city centre; there’s extensive public shore access, including seven boat ramps; it’s open year round; and it’s one of the easiest lakes in New Zealand to catch rainbow and brown trout from, with one of the highest catch rates in the district. You can’t go wrong!

2. Lake Rotoiti

Lake Rotoiti, the third largest lake in our region, consistently produces trophy trout throughout the year. Thousands of fish are released into the lake each year and when combined with the wild fish population ensures that brown and rainbow trout stocks are very high. Trout in this lake consistently reach impressive sizes as there is an abundant food for them.
Lake Rotoiti has five boat ramps that provide access to all points of the lake, and shoreline fishing from Tapuaekura Bay stream mouth through to the Hinehopu landmark remains open after June 30 when the rest of the lakes closes to boat fishing.

3. Lake Tikitapu

Being surrounded by forest and very sheltered, with a lovely beach, playground and public toilets, Lake Tikitapu (also known as Blue Lake) is one of the best-known recreational lakes in the Rotorua district, and less than 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre.
The deep, clear lake offers easy fishing for rainbow trout from a boat, or along the shoreline by way of several beaches and small bays accessible from the 5.5km walking and mountain biking trail that circles the entire lake.

4. Lake Ōkāreka

Within 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre, you can be backing your boat onto the beautiful Lake Ōkāreka. Its name means “the lake of sweet food”, which is apt for a lake that keeps anglers happy with high numbers of good quality fish, especially the large population of rainbow trout that can be caught by a variety of fishing methods. It’s also a gentle lake so very suitable for family fishing.

Lake Ōkāreka is open year round and has a boat ramp at Acacia Bay. If you’re keen on mid-winter fishing, the annual Lake Ōkāreka fishing competition takes place in July. There are lots of prize categories, including spot prizes for children.


5. Lake Tarawera

Cruise & Fish Rotorua says one of the must-do experiences while in Rotorua is a trout fishing charter or a cruise on Lake Tarawera to famous Te Rata Bay and its hot water springs and beaches. Not only is a relaxing soak on Hot Water Beach a treat, but the beach is also perfect for cooking your fresh catch!
Tarawera is deep and clear, and world renowned for the quality of its rainbow trout averaging 2kg but an impressive number of very large rainbow trout are caught here too, many of which reach or exceed the magical 10-pound (4.5 kg) mark.

6. Lake Okaro

Okaro is a small picturesque lake ideal for small boats and other watercraft, and offers good shoreline fishing using both fly and spinner. Rainbow trout are in good numbers and average 1kg. It’s best fished in winter when algal blooms are less likely.
There is a boat ramp suitable for small vessels with a picnic area and public toilets at a reserve off Okaro Road, off State Highway 38.

7. Lake Ōkataina

The pristine beauty of Lake Ōkataina offers a scenic wilderness experience for anglers. The remote valley surrounded by pristine virgin native forest makes fishing in this pristine setting very special.
The clear water provides an abundance of food that ensures the fish reach very impressive sizes (read: trophy!). In fact, the rainbow trout here are renowned for putting up a good fight, so you might want to double up on your Weet-Bix the morning of your fishing trip!

8. Lake Rotoma

Lake Rotoma is a beautiful, deep, crystal-clear lake that provides excellent fishing for a large stock of rainbow trout. It also holds the rare tiger trout, a cross between a brook and brown trout.
Trolling is the most popular method for fishing this lake although jigging has also become a very popular and effective method of taking trout when they are lying deep in the lake.


9. Lake Rotoehu

Lake Rotoehu, as well as Rotoma, provides a great spot for those wanting to get away from the crowds.
Rotoehu is made up of a number of sheltered arms that can only be reached by boat. These bays provide great shelter from any wind and it is rare that an angler cannot find a place to fish in relatively calm water.
Being shallower than many of the surrounding lakes in the area, Rotoehu provides good fly fishing throughout the day with fish often feeding very close to the shoreline. It’s also an ideal lake for fly fishing from a boat.

10. Lake Rotomahana

Another remote lake, Rotomahana is definitely worth the extra effort to get there for the scenery, solitude and catches of solid, hard-fighting rainbows averaging 1.5kg.
Fly fishing down the drop-off or over the weed beds is productive, and a very popular boat-fly fishing location can be found where the Waingongona Stream (spawning stream) enters the bay.
Access is via sign-posted gravel roads through pine forests off Waimangu Road. A forest access permit is required; visit the Fish & Game Eastern website for up-to-date forest access and permit information.

11. Lake Rerewhakaaitu

Lake Rerewhakaaitu, a relatively shallow lake, attracts shore-based anglers targeting the large stock of rainbow trout which can be seen cruising the long shoreline. The excellent food source in the lake means that the fish are aggressive and hard fighting.
Conditions can be windy as Rerewhakaaitu is mostly surrounded by flat land.

12. Rivers and streams

A number of rivers and streams – many right in the city – provide great fishing.
The Utuhina Stream runs through the city from the southwest corner and into Lake Rotorua and provide year-round fishing opportunities. There is excellent public access via council reserves.
The Ngongotahā Stream, which feeds into Lake Rotorua through Ngongotahā village, also provides year-round fishing opportunities from the mouth up to the State Highway 5 bridge at the Agrodrome. Access is kindly provided by the local Ngāti Whakaue. This section is open to both fly and spin anglers.
A few minutes’ drive north, the Waiteti Stream is open year round from the mouth up to the bridge in the middle of town. This section is open to both fly and spin anglers.
Both Ngongotahā and Waiteti streams produce quality sight fishing when clean, as they are both spring creeks, and carry rainbows that average 1.5kg, and brown trout that average 3-3.5kg. 
Upstream from these points on both Ngongotahā and Waiteti streams are open from the 1st of December through to the 31st of June to fly-only anglers.
The Awahou and Hamurana Stream mouths excel during the hottest summer months.
The Ohau Channel links lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti and is open for fly fishing from October until the end of June. In spring and early summer smelt run through the channel followed by large numbers of hungry trout.
The Kaituna River is not only world-famous for whitewater rafting but also for its trout fishing. 

Last but certainly not least is a location perfect for families. At Ngongotahā Trout Hatchery, children 6-14 years old can learn to fly fish and catch a rainbow trout on specified days from July to November. Admission is only $3 per child (bookings required) and they’re 100% guaranteed to land a fish – a  great way to get them hooked on this awesome pastime!

Get your fishing license

For more information, your best bet is to head to Fish & Game Eastern. They’re the authority on all things fishing and hunting, including licensing, regulations, locations and access, and more.


Find a guide

Professional Rotorua fly fishing guide Julian Danby operates Rotorua Trout Guide and offers guided fly fishing trips and boat fishing charters on Rotorua’s internationally renowned lakes and rivers for both rainbow and brown trout.

Julian has guided the region for years and can showcase the best fishing locations found in the area. Whether you want to catch your first trout or you are looking for a chance at catching the fish of a lifetime, Rotorua Trout Guide has a trip that will suit. 

A popular guided fly fishing option in the summer months is to use a helicopter to access some of Rotorua’s wilderness fisheries. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to fish a stream or river that may only see a few people every year.

Cruise and Fish Rotorua offers both fishing charter packages for rainbow and brown trout on Lake Tarawera, and fly fishing adventures on other lakes, rivers and streams around the region, including helifishing adventures to more remote areas.

Fish the scenic waters of Lake Tarawera for its famous rainbow trout from the thermal waters of Te Rata Bay at the foot of Mount Tarawera, to scenic native bush. You can even have your catch cooked in the hot sands while you relax in a natural thermal pool. 

Custom packages are available to create special memories of your time in Rotorua.


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