Lake Rotomā


Lake Rotomā means "lake of exceptionally clear water". The lake currently has the best water quality of all the Rotorua lakes.

Being the clearest of all the Rotorua lakes makes fishing more challenging. Four buoys near the centre of the lake mark a submerged Māori pa site.

Rotomā is a crystal-clear lake where some special skill is required to consistently catch fish. Lead and wire lines are permitted.

The trout are practically all rainbow, however Eastern Fish and Game have released a hybrid into the lake for some years which they call a tiger trout. It is a brown/brook cross and has distinctive tiger stripes along the body.

Tiger trout have most of the characteristics of a brown trout in that they don't chase anything flashy and can be taken on small wet flies as well as the normal bully type flies. They average 2kgs but there are some very big tigers in the lake. Tiger trout cannot breed naturally.

Can you walk around Lake Rotomā? 

While there isn't a track that circuits the lake, there is the Rotomā Bridle Track. This 1km one way track takes around 20 minutes and is situated about 40 km northeast of Rotorua, beside SH 30. This old bridle track passes through a magnificent stand of native bush, with towering rimu and tawa, and an understory of leafy hīnau, pukatea, ferns and kohekohe.

The track runs parallel to SH 30, from Manawahe Rd to Whangaroa Bay on Lake Rotomā. The most suitable parking is on Manawahe Rd by the junction with SH 30.

Can you swim in Lake Rotomā?

Lake Rotomā is a popular lake for swimming and is known as the cleanest of all the Rotorua lakes. It is a popular spot to enjoy a variety of water sports or to go for a swim on a hot summers day.
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