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Rotorua is famous for its geothermal features, including the Pink and White Terraces which were discovered more than 170 years ago and considered to be the eighth Wonder of the World until the eruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886 buried them.
Still, the hot, mineral-rich geothermal waters and mud throughout Rotorua became revered for their healing properties as people travelled from all over the world to seek the mystical health benefits.
Today is no different. We still work with Papatūānuku (Earth Mother) to sustainably harness her geothermal activity and natural resources, which has resulted in a world-renowned spa and wellness industry.
An abundance of relaxing and rejuvenating options await you and range from a relaxing massage, Thai massage, Māori traditional mirimiri and romiromi treatments, and luxury treatments adopted from around the world. Polynesian Spa and QE Health Wellness & Spa are geothermal health spas that incorporate volcanic mud and mineral water into their therapies.
Make sure your Rotorua holiday leaves you feeling invigorated, revitalised and refreshed, knowing that you've given your body the ultimate restorative treatment nature has to offer.

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Massage Eden

Spa & Wellness

Massage Eden is the newest addition to the thriving spa and wellness industry in Rotorua. Located in the Pullman Rotorua hotel, they offer a 5-star massage experience at an affordable starting price. Start your wellness journey with Massage Eden today.

Wai Ora Spa

Spa & Wellness, East

Wai Ora Spa features the unique New Zealand cultural spa experience based on the healing and relaxation traditions of the Māori people.

Wikitoria Māori Healing

Spa & Wellness, North

For health and wellness, experience a dynamic romiromi, a traditional Māori healing bodywork to balance and restore body mind and soul. You will feel lighter, clearer and more grounded after a romiromi.

QE Health

Spa & Wellness

Set alongside beautiful Lake Rotorua, QE Health offers a comprehensive array of spa, therapy and beauty treatments.

Hell's Gate Geothermal Park & Mud Spa

Spa & Wellness, East

Hell’s Gate is Rotorua’s most active geothermal reserve and New Zealand’s only mud spa complex.

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

Spa & Wellness, South

Geothermal experience and hot pool bathing in 100% pure natural geothermal waters overlooking Waikite Valley, native bush and surrounding geothermal activity.

The Spa @ Millennium Hotel Rotorua

Spa & Wellness

Indulge, relax, renew. Let The Spa take care of you through indulgent beauty and body treatments with a beautiful selection of products.

Secret Spot Hot Tubs Rotorua

Spa & Wellness, South

Secret Spot Hot Tubs Rotorua is the place you’ve been searching for to retreat from your busy life, and have fun with friends and family. In October 2022, Secret Spot received the Global Award for the Luxury Forest Bathing Spa category in the World Luxury Spa Awards.

Polynesian Spa

Spa & Wellness

Polynesian Spa is New Zealand’s leading internationally acclaimed thermal spa, offering relaxing hot mineral spring bathing, sumptuous spa therapies and picturesque Lake Rotorua views. In Oct 2022, Poly Spa received the Country Award for the Luxury Lakeside Spa category in the World Luxury Spa Awards.

BodyFix Massage & Spa Therapies

Spa & Wellness, Central

Our team of professionals offer a variety of Spa Body Treatments. We have both a singles and a couples room. Convenient online booking available.