Amokura Glass

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Come into Amokura Glass to see how glass is made or to try working with glass yourself.

Amokura Glass is a working glassblowing studio and gallery where you can come in and watch the artists create magic using one of the most fascinating materials on earth: molten glass. The artists blow and shape the glass to create one-of-a-kind works of art.
You can give it a try, too, in hands-on workshops. Choose between making a paperweight, a blown glass pumpkin, or a fused glass tile. The workshops are suitable for beginners and are a fun introduction to glass!

With more than 10 years of experience, Heather deftly shapes molten glass using variety of techniques, including blowing, casting, fusing, and carving. Moving back to New Zealand to run her own studio, she brings influence of her years abroad in the USA and Japan to her work. Each piece in the art gallery is hand crafted on site, ranging from high-end sculptures to beautiful gifts and souvenirs. This also includes home d├ęcor objects, which are practical as well as decorative and designed for everyday use. Heather's work mainly focuses on simple, elegant forms designed to showcase the beauty of the material and the complex colour designs.

Summer hours 9am- 5pm (Nov 1- April 1). Demos from 9:20-2:30

Winter house 10am- 5pm (April 1 - Nov1). Demos from 1:00- 5:00

How to find us?

153 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua