Mitai Māori Village

Māori Culture

By entering the world of Mitai Māori Village you will embrace the history and culture of our people through the migration story of our ancestors, the Ngāti Ohomairangi people who voyaged across the Pacific Ocean more than 2,000 years ago and arrived in New Zealand.

Watch the migration story unfold through the performing arts of the Pacific and te ao Māori. You will be captivated by the sound and drums of the islands, enchanted by the graceful movements of our performers, and charmed by the melodious voices of the Ngāti Ohomairangi descendants.
Enjoy the succulent food prepared in the traditional in-ground hāngī/umu where baskets of food are placed on hot stones at the bottom of the pit to cook for up to four hours. The meal is accompanied with flavours of the Pacific and sweet desserts.
Walk through nature and visit the ancient, fortified village to learn about the old ways of living and survival of the people. As you explore further you will discover the beauty of our puna (spring) Te Puna Tapu o Tuhoe and discover glow worms shining in the darkness. 
Nau mai, haere mai, whakatau mai. Welcome and make yourself at home.


Mitai Māori Village is a proud member of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter.


Rotorua Sustainable Charter Member
How to find us?

196 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua