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For more than a decade, the Jensen family has been providing good old-fashioned outdoor fun at an affordable price.

The main attraction at aMAZEme is the 1.4km maze constructed from 1,400 immaculately pruned, head-high escallonia hedge.
Challenge yourself (while “accidentally” losing the kids or workmates!) by trying to make your way to the centre of the maze through the seemingly endless spirals, openings that may or may not take you the right way, and surprise dead ends. Try to avoid the permanent blocks forcing you to retrace your steps!
We’re not kidding when we say it’s a challenge, so if you decide to give up the fight and concede to the maze, a series of one-way doors, which can only be opened from inside, will allow for a quick exit from the centre or from any path. But consider this option carefully – you may not get away unscathed, if your friends or family are ruthless opponents!
Once you’ve conquered the maze (or not), check out the awesome fun you can have in the play area with loads to do and giant board games to play such as Connect 4, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and more!
Kids love McGregor's Garden, with raised garden beds full of seasonal fruit, berries and vegetables, the small-animal enclosure where they delight in the petting the animals, and the butterfly house (in season).
aMAZEme is wheelchair accessible, and you’re welcome to bring along a picnic to enjoy onsite.
Fun fact: It takes two professional maze gurus and 10 days between the hours of 6 and 10am to completely cut the hedge!

How to find us?

1335 Paradise Valley Road, Rotorua