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Soar through the trees and experience New Zealand’s ancient forest like never before – in two unforgettable zipline adventures. Lose yourself on this engaging encounter with the natural world, exploring ancient native forest via ziplines, suspended swing bridges, treetop platforms and more on this unforgettable nature adventure.

Immerse yourself in this untouched native eco-system filled with towering trees, native flora and beautiful birdsong from native birds including tui, North Island robins, kereru and tomtits.
There are two unique eco-tour experiences to choose from, featuring a network of ziplines, suspended swingbridges, treetop platforms, forest trails and more as you journey deep into 500 hectares of ancient forest. Get below the surface, above the trees, learn about the past and become part of the future – in an adventure like nothing else.

Our award-winning Original Canopy Tour is eco-tourism at its absolute best – in fact, this tour won a ‘100% Pure Experience’ award which we’re pretty proud of.

We will take you into an ancient, pristine forest where you’ll see and hear lots of beautiful native birds up close - if you’re lucky you may even get to hand feed them. You'll soar across 600m of ziplines during this three-hour adventure, which is suitable for ages 6+.

You’ll also find yourself 22m up in the air on our highest platform and cross some phenomenal swing bridges. These vantage points will give you a whole new perspective on how special New Zealand’s native forests really are.

Our guides are trained to keep you safe and are guaranteed to make you smile! We’ll also show you why you’re at the heart of our conservation story and how together we are bringing this forest back to life.

The Ultimate tour
The Ultimate Canopy Tour is a step up in adventure and is even higher and longer than the award-winning Original Canopy Tour.

This next level adventure was created to be the best zipline experience in the world. You'll soar across 1200m of ziplines during this 3.5 hour adventure, which is suitable for ages 10+.

The experience includes a suspended cliff-face walkway 50m high above the forest floor, incredible swing bridges, controlled descent and an impressive 400m long tandem zipline so you can share the experience of our longest zipline together! We’ve also developed a system to slow down one of our most scenic ziplines so you can really soak up the amazing view.

Glide across wide open valleys, deep gorges and lose yourself in this untouched forest – it’s New Zealand like you’ve never seen it.
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$149 - $199 NZD


147 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua Central, 3015