Redwoods Treewalk & Nightlights

Forests / East

Majestic and magical, the Redwoods Treewalk & Nightlights experience is truly a walk to remember.

This multi award-winning, eco-tourism walk is 700 metres long, spans 28 suspension bridges, 27 platforms, and takes about 40 minutes to complete. With the height of the walkway ranging from 6 to 20 metres, you're presented with a unique, bird’s-eye perspective of the forest below and treetops above.
The living decks are specifically designed to protect the forest’s unique ecosystem, ensuring that the viewing platforms adapt to the trees' rapid growth without causing any harm.
You’ll experience Treewalk unguided and at your own pace, taking in the serenity of the forest, and marvelling at the magnificent redwoods. Signs along the way tell the history of the forest, its cultural significance and contribution to the region’s biodiversity.
Treewalk can be experienced in all weather, offering a welcome shade during hot summer days or a dramatic green backdrop during rainy ones.
Open daily from 9:00am until late.


Redwoods Treewalk is a proud member of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter.


Rotorua Sustainable Charter Member
How to find us?

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