Lake Rotoehu


Rotoehu means "turbid" or discoloured waters.

In former times, Lake Rotoehu was heavily populated with many pa sites located around its shores. The lake is very shallow and hides an island underneath its waters.

The historical meaning of Rotoehu, "turbid or murky" water, implies that the lake may never have been clear. The water quality remained fairly stable until 1993 when the level of nutrients and algae rose dramatically. This was attributed to a drop in the water level and a warm summer. In recent years the water quality has dramatically improved.



A delightful wilderness lake, accessed from SH30, 25 minutes by car from Rotorua.

Northern and western areas provide shelter for small craft and good fishing from both shore and boat.

It is almost essential to have a boat to fish this lake successfully. Only rainbow trout are present. There are no concrete ramps and, depending on the lake level, launching is available at Kennedy's Bay, Otautu Bay and (with care) Te Pohue Bay.

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