Te Pā Tū

Family Fun

Journey into the heart of Māori culture, an experience you will never forget!

Te Pā Tū celebrates seasonal kai (food) and Māori culture.
For Māori, kai is integral to any special gathering, so you’ll experience the mystical Ahi Taitai (fire ceremony) before stepping in to the tawa forest canopy for seasonal kai horotai (canapés) and a lantern-lit walk to a lavish three-course family-share hākari (feast).
Tū Te Ihi, available May through October, is the Matariki feast. This immersive four-hour experience shares ancient concepts, performance and rituals linked to the Matariki cluster of stars high and bright in our winter skies, and marks the start of the new year for Māori.
Tū Te Rā, running from November through April, is the summer offering, aligned with the maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar. It explores concepts, rituals, and stories of ancient Māori warfare and of peace.
How to find us?

1220 Hinemaru Street, Rotorua