Adventure Games Rotorua

Family Fun

Adventure Games Rotorua gets your team out and about, working together to solve an exciting mystery. You’ll love the challenge of solving the puzzles and clues, at the same time learning something about local history, culture and nature. Developed by Escapade, New Zealand's best rated escape room business.

Someone is trying to take over Government Gardens and ruin this beautiful space. You need to stop them! Follow the clues, work the angles, and race the clock to find the evidence you need to save this beautiful and historic space. Hurry! If you don’t find the evidence the gardens will be ruined forever. 

How does it work?
Using an app AND items from inside a special game box, you’ll love solving the unique interactive puzzles. The puzzles are designed to test all types of thinkers and the app has a hint system to ensure it gives the right level of challenge for everyone. Lose yourself in the adventure!

Who can play: friends, families and work teams. Hints are available if you get stuck.

Game time: Approx. 90 minutes (1.5km walk).

Number of people: 2-5 people per team. If you have more people, you can book multiple games and either work together or go head-to-head and compete on points.

Rotorua i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, 1167 Fenton St,. Rotorua