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This award-winning, eco-tourism walk is 700 metres long, spans across 28 suspension bridges, 27 platforms and takes about 40 minutes to complete. With the height of the walkway ranging between 6-20 metres, you are presented with a unique, birds’ eye perspective of the forest below and treetops above.

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Redwoods Nightlights™ is one of New Zealand’s top design led tourism experiences that features 30 exquisite lanterns designed by world-renowned designer and sustainability champion, David Trubridge. Perfect for those looking for things to do in Rotorua at night!

Inaugurated in January 2016, Redwoods Treewalk is one the favourtite eco-tourism attractions in New Zealand, offering breath-taking views of Rotorua’s most popular natural attraction: the Redwoods.

The Redwoods Treewalk is a half-kilometre long walkway that consists of a series of 28 suspension bridges traversing the gaps between 27 majestic 120-year old Redwood trees. Attached to each tree are 27 living decks, offering visitors a unique, and birds-eye perspective of this world-renowned forest. The living decks were specifically designed for the Redwood’s unique ecosystem, ensuring that the viewing platforms would adapt to the Trees rapid growth without any harm.

Treewalker's can experience Treewalk at their own pace, taking in the serenity of the forest; observing the unique fauna that make Rotorua’s magnificent Redwoods their home. Treewalks signs, tell the story of the forest, its’ cultural significance and contribution to the region’s bio-diversity. Accessible to all nature lovers, Treewalk doesn’t require a high level of physical fitness; the minimum requirements are simply to be able to walk, unaided.

Treewalk can be experienced in all weather, offering a welcome shade during hot summer days or a dramatic green backdrop during rainy ones; it is recommended Treewalker's allow 40-minutes for their Redwood experience.

At 700-metres, Treewalk is the longest suspended bridge course of its’ kind in the world and a unique example of eco-engineering. The living decks were specifically designed for the Redwood’s unique ecosystem, ensuring that the viewing platforms would adapt to the trees rapid growth without any possible harm to their host. Built from renewable New Zealand timber, sustainability has been at the heart of Treewalk’s construction.

Treewalk’s conservation message is simple; our environment can become a source of inspiration and awe if we care for it. Treewalk entices visitors to take that message with them as they visit Aotearoa.


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