Rotorua Visitor Economy Infographics

How much do visitors spend in Rotorua? What is the daily visitor population in Rotorua? Do visitors perceive Rotorua to be an appealing destination? 

These are some of the questions we regularly receive about the size and value of the Rotorua visitor economy. We’ve transformed loads of statistics into easy-to-digest infographics that convey numbers into pictures and help you more quickly understand Rotorua’s visitor economy.

Whether you're a business owner, investor, or tourism student, these infographics will provide you with the key statistics to help you succeed. Feel free to use the statistics and/or reproduce part or all of the infographics in your reports, proposals, projects, etc.

Rotorua Tourism – Key Facts

The infographic below provides key metrics such as visitor spend, daily visitor population, accommodation utilisation and more. Under each section are a handful of bullet points transforming the numbers and pictures into everyday language.

The purpose of this infographic is to assist you in quickly identifying and accurately conveying Rotorua’s key visitor economy metrics. 


Rotorua Tourism Snapshot

This next infographic provides greater detail for each of Rotorua’s key visitor economy metrics, segmenting by visitor origin, spending category, accommodation sector and more. 

Designed to be used as a supplement to the Key Facts infographic above, you'll find the increased detail in this infographic useful for those occasions when more than just the key facts are required.


What’s next?

Later this year, we’ll be transitioning these static PDFs into an online interactive format that will allow you to select date ranges. Keep an eye on the weekly newsletters from RotoruaNZ for anouncements when the online versions go live.

If you have ideas of what tourism datasets you would like to see included in the infographics, please email us at

More Iinformation 

If you're looking for more stats and data, check out Tourism Sector: Data and Research for links to freely available sources of tourism statistics for Rotorua’s visitor economy.


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