Have the best spa summer ever in Rotorua

Nestled in the heart of New Zealand's North Island, Rotorua is a spa and wellness sanctuary.

With our rich Māori heritage and renowned geothermal wonders, myriad reinvigorating experiences transcend the ordinary, promising to revitalise not just the body, but also the mind and soul. From luxurious spa complexes to natural geothermal treasures, Rotorua boasts an array of rejuvenating options that surpass those found anywhere else in Aotearoa.

Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa

Among the city's spa destinations is the newly unveiled Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa (pictured at top), a $60 million facility steeped in the healing traditions of Ngāti Whakaue culture. Here, you can immerse yourself in a holistic experience that goes beyond mere relaxation, allowing you to reconnect and revitalize your spirit amidst the breath-taking beauty of this architecturally award-winning building. There truly is nothing compared to this property anywhere in the world and it must be seen and experienced to be believed.

Polynesian Spa

The iconic Polynesian Spa stands as a testament to Rotorua's spa legacy, offering 28 hot pools sourced from the natural Priest Spring and Rachel Spring. Alongside its therapeutic waters, Polynesian Spa embodies the essence of rejuvenation, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal, leaving behind the stresses of everyday life. Offering everything from spaces for yoga, to an unrivalled spa treatment menu, it’s easy to see why this lakeside haven is a consistent winner at the World Luxury Spa Awards.

Hell's Gate

For a truly immersive and organic experience, Hell's Gate beckons with its fierce yet captivating geothermal features, inviting you to explore this bubbling, hissing, steaming landscape before indulging in the therapeutic properties of its mud pools and mineral-rich thermal waters. New Zealand’s only outdoor geothermal mud spa, this experience allows you to connect with the earth and the rich minerals within, to help support and raise wellness. It’s also just tons of fun playing with the silky-soft geothermal mud in your hands.

Secret Spot Hot Tubs

Adding to Rotorua’s allure is Secret Spot Hot Tubs, nestled alongside the serene Whakarewarewa Forest and offering an exclusive forest bathing experience that seamlessly blends luxury with the serenity of nature. As you relax in seclusion in your own cedar hot tub, you’ll savour the tranquillity and beauty of the stunning surroundings. With its out-of-the way location and great service at the press of a tub-side button – plus their unique Shinny Dip tubs and great food truck onsite – the popularity of Secret Spot is no surprise.

Pullman Rotorua

Of course, you’ll need a few days to take in all this pampering, so if you’re seeking the pinnacle of indulgence during your Rotorua stay, the 5-star Pullman Rotorua hotel offers a lavish retreat, serving as the perfect base for exploring Rotorua's spa and wellness offerings. With its sophisticated amenities and impeccable service, the Pullman provides a seamless blend of luxury and comfort, ensuring an unforgettable stay in the heart of the city.
In Rotorua, the concept of rejuvenation transcends mere relaxation, offering a holistic experience that nurtures the mind, soul and body. With our wealth of unique spa destinations and unparalleled commitment to wellness, Rotorua truly stands as the ultimate destination for those seeking to have the best summer ever.

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