Five burgers you just have to try

Who doesn’t love a big, juicy, savoury burger served with a bucket of fries and never-enough sauce, with a cold bevvie on the side? Nobody, that’s who!

Fortunately for Rotorua diners, burgers are something we are pretty good at. So, we've updated our list of 5 of the best burgers you just have to try, so you can skip straight to the eating part!

River’s Catch

The mouth waters instantly at the memory of tasting this double-beef patty sensation, so we had to include it again. It's called a Smash Burger and you'll find it at River's Catch - an unsuspecting takeaway store tucked away in the tree-lined streets of Sunnybrook.
This fine looking burger contains two hand-formed all-beef patties, double cheddar cheese, and a generous dollop of tangy River’s Catch special sauce. It’s cheesey, it’s messy, and it’s like your favourite backyard burger levelled up and served in a fresh-as brioche bun!  

Okere Falls Store

On Friday nights it's BURGER WARS. Okere Falls Store get crafty in the kitchen and create three weird and wonderful burgers for you to try. The winning burger goes on to compete for another week...
Served on an rustic, minimalist wood board and accompanied by oven-baked wedges, this treat was worth the wait for Friday to roll around. Burger night is such a huge hit, that we suggest getting in early.

JP on Jervis

Another unsuspecting suburb that serves up legendary burgers. JP on Jervis lines their walls with dozens of burger creations. Boy, this place does not skip out on sauces.

Think you're ready for the big time? Check out the JP Triple Triple Burger - a triple beef, triple bacon, triple cheese sensation topped with BBQ bourbon sauce. 

FTP Vegan Eats

ftp-vegan-eats-burger.jpgSeriously a must-try, even for the committed carnivores in the group. FTP's burgers are so delicious, you'll completely forget they're animal friendly. Add loaded fries and a donut to make it a fabulous meal you don't have to feel guilty about.

Market Kitchen

Although burgers are probably the last thing you associate with Skyline Rotorua, the Market Kitchen's burgers are well worth a try. Their juicy patty and saucy goodness will forever replay in your mind. 

But wait, there's more

As we mentioned earlier, this is definitely not an exhaustive list as Rotorua has heaps of amazing cafés and restaurants serving amazing burgers and much more.

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