Zoom Ziplines at Skyline Rotorua

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Zoom Ziplines takes you on an adventure ride in the sky high above Rotorua. One moment you're admiring the majestic views of the beautiful geothermal lake, the next you're zipping through the air on a thrilling ride.

The 383-metre zipline launches from the top of the Skyline Rotorua complex, down the side of Mt Ngongotahā. You choose your flying position, then zip through the air up to 60km/h, flying over the towering forest below.

The zipline finishes on a platform near the luge chairlift. But the fun isn't over yet. Here's your chance to take a leap of faith and jump off the gangplank for a 10-metre free-fall on the Quickjump. The Quickjump sees you harnessed to a single line and free-falling, before a special braking system ensures a soft landing.  

Zoom Zipline is suitable for children and adults, with a minimum weight of 27kg and a maximum of 115kg for the regular (seated) harness ride, and minimum weight of 40kg and a maximum of 100kg for the supersonic (superman) style ride. The Zipline runs with parallel lines so you can ride with your family and friends.

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Rotorua Sustainable Charter Member

185 Fairy Springs Rd, Rotorua