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Espresso, beer & wine, cakes, ice-cream, chocolate, take-home meals, pies, organics, gourmet & everyday groceries, Italian & German treats, New Zealand artisan foods plus lots more fantastic yummy things!

The old Okere Falls Store was resurrected and reinvented in 2004 using the same building that stood on the edge of SH33 with a petrol station, selling hot pies, lollies, bread and milk for many years. Sarah Uhl, together with friends and family, renovated the original shop, carefully crafting a nostalgic country store feel with hints of the 1950s, a time when Okere Falls enjoyed a boom in batches and holiday makers. 

Sarah and her friends are serious about good, healthy food. A real driving force behind the concept of the Okere Falls Store has been a need to provide interesting and unique food. Fresh, local produce, organics and condiments sit side by side with Italian, German and Spanish gourmet treats. An ever-evolving array of divine New Zealand Artisan Foods are filling every available bit of space in the Store. Perusing the shelves is itself a very enjoyable experience!

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Rotorua Sustainable Charter Member
How to find us?

759 State Highway 33, Okere Falls