Duke's Bar & Restaurant

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Over 100 years old, Duke’s Bar and Restaurant has been entertaining locals and visitors alike for yonks. The gorgeous bar has a bit of a private members feel but without any of the snobbishness, and the impeccable décor and cool vibe set the scene for a relaxed and fun experience.

Duke’s food is an inspired mix of modern and traditional and features a long list of all-time classic favourites. All dishes are cooked to order and as you would expect, most items on the menu are made in-house by our team of skilled chefs. Head chef Digraj Singh (DJ) champions the use of fresh seasonal produce from local suppliers so you can expect exciting flavours showcasing the best of New Zealand’s diverse range of ingredients.

A good dining experience is about so much more than just the food. In addition to beautiful plating, the surroundings while you eat are just as important. Whether it’s the warm welcome of the leather chairs and dark wood tables in the bar or the gratifying clomp of a heel on the original wooden flooring – restaurant interiors are the stage for the grand performance and we trust that Duke’s surroundings complement your dining experience.


Prince’s Gate Hotel, 1057 Arawa St., Rotorua