Revolver Coffee Roasters


Revolver Coffee Roasters is a small boutique specialty coffee supplier and Revolver Espresso bar located inside Vetro Mediterranean Foods on Amohau Street.

Serving handcrafted espresso with a cabinet full of delicious sandwiches and baking. Have a coffee and buy some to take home!

Flavours of the Med inspired by the atmosphere of the store. Browse through the many cook books at the communal table or just escape in this little oasis for well-deserved break and a small treat. It’s easy to imagine you are in central Europe while sipping away on an espresso, cortado or morning cappuccino. 

You can purchase Revolver's coffee by the kilo or 250g, whichever suits your levels of consumption. Revolver also has a small array of coffee making equipment and accessories for sale, so you can practice making this delicious brew at home.
How to find us?

1131 Amohau Street, Rotorua