How we can help

What we do

The Business Growth, Insights, and Innovation team encourage and attract investment by promoting Rotorua as the great community it is, with a strong opportunity for investment and growth. We work with local partners, central government, local government, and Te Arawa to build persuasive business relocation programmes, where commercial and industrial land is available.

We take an active role in delivering transformational place-making projects on behalf of Council.


Our deliverables

  • Support for existing businesses in the attraction of investment, or removal of barriers for growth and retention.
  • The delivery of insights to be better tailored to support business and investor confidence and decision-making.
  • RotoruaNZ is taking a lead role in working with the private sector to secure appropriate investment to support development.
  • Our mahi is supported through the provision of research and insights.


Investment opportunities

Rotorua offers a vibrant and culturally rich community, compelling business opportunities, exceptional infrastructure and a great standard of living. The people who call this place their home are innovative and creative and are running thriving businesses in primary industries, manufacturing, forestry, health and social services, construction, tourism, creative and cultural fields.
Rotorua in particular has an incredible network of support whether you need advice on where, when and how, to leadership development and mentoring programmes, to funding, growth and management guidance.