On The Water

Kids fishing on this weekend

On Sunday 10 August the second “Kids Fishing Day” for the winter is being held at the Ngongotaha Trout Hatchery on Paradise Valley Road from 9am to 3pm with an hour’s break for lunch from noon.  

Birth of a new fisher

I’ve never met a child who doesn’t love to catch fish – it’s a fact! 

Other critters out there in the water

When spending time on the Rotorua Lakes there are quite a few other fishy species out there other than trout and it’s pretty interesting having a look at these when you get the chance.  

Smaller lakes still producing the goods

The main part of the fishing season has closed to boat fishing on lakes Tarawera, Rotoiti and Okataina.  

Birdlife a Plenty on Rotorua Lakes

When the trout are biting there is nothing I’d rather be doing then casting or trolling lines – but, the reality is that the lakes offer so much more...

Kids fishing days kick off this weekend

Kids fishing days kick off this weekend

Pesty Critters

On Wednesday this week the Eastern Fish and Game Council considered some rule changes for next season’s fishing. 

Multi sport paradise

Last weekend I helped out my older brother in the 3D multisport festival that was happening on Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) and in the Whakawerawera forest.  

Recent weekends producing the goods and yummy tasting trout

Get out there and get some tucker

More fish going in for the winter

Fish & Game have just released another 2000 fin clipped trout into Otautu Bay at Lake Rotoehu this afternoon. 

Lake Rotorua for a troll

Friends of mine trolled on Lake Rotorua last weekend and had great success – which shouldn’t really come as a surprise as the lake is one of the country’s best trout fisheries. 

Fishing the shoreline

When boating becomes prohibitive because of weather, or is you simply don’t have a boat, don’t despair! 

The importance of fin clips

We put another load of young trout into the lakes last week and they all went out with their fin clips or tags so we can see then in future years and work out how well they are growing. 

Stocking the lakes with only the best

With the 1st of April arriving this week, Fish & Game’s fish trap at the Te Wairoa Stream on Lake Tarawera has begun its winter operation for the 30th year. 

Changing of the seasons

We’ve finally got a bit of rain so perhaps autumn is actually coming and anglers should be thinking about targeting those fantastic high quality trout that are around this time of the year.

Finding out more about the lakes

I had another great kitesurf on Rotorua last night, the second for the week and one of many from what feels like a very windy summer. 

Great weekend of fishing ahead

 The weather forecast for this weekend is looking excellent for playing on the lakes and recent Fish & Game surveys have shown that the fishing is improving with some good returns particularly from Lake Tarawera last weekend.  

Clean lakes – Green lakes

In the last few months Lake Rotorua has met the water quality target set for it by the local community. The best news from this is cleaner, clearer water for the community to play in. The trout too, are benefiting from the improved clarity. 

Willing to get a little wet and cold?

You should be

Versatility makes for success

Some day’s trout are easy to catch – other not! Having a few different tricks up your sleeve is always a big advantage when the fishing gets tough.

Discover natural hot pools

This weekend I would suggest an early morning fishing session followed by some mid day hot-pool lazing about in some of the fantastic thermal areas that can only be accessed by boat. The two top spots would be Manupirua Hot Springs onLake Rotoiti and the Hot Water Beach and Wairua Stream areas on Lake Tarawera.  

Windsports another option

The Rotorua lakes offer some excellent wind-sport opportunities for locals and visitors so if you are coming to the district and you like windsurfing or kitesurfing, make sure you don’t leave your gear behind because you think you won’t get a chance to use it.

Stream mouths action

Lake Rotorua’s summer stream mouth fishing really is unique and quite incredible!

Knowing what to look for...

The summer is upon us and we are getting some settled days on the lakes and this means that fishing can become a bit more predictable once we know what to look for.

Things are starting to warm up

With things starting to warm up there is some great fishing on certain spots around Lake Rotorua that produce good number of fish with simple fishing techniques. 

Takin it easy...

One of the great ways to explore the Rotorua lakes is by kayak and this is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport to really appreciate the beauty of the lakes and their surrounds.  

Getting the best of the spring fishing...

Typically the spring fishing on the Rotorua lakes is one of the best times of the year as long as you can work out where the fish are spending most of their time.

Promoting the lakes to our neighbours

One of the great things about the Rotorua lakes is that there are plenty of places to go and room for hundreds of boaties to enjoy the fun opportunities that fresh water has to offer. This weekend Fish & Game have a stand at the Tauranga Boat Show to show the salt water fisho’s just what they can do when the weather at sea looks like it will keep you ashore.

Long weekend with sunshine forecast...

This weekend there will be plenty of boats heading out to the lakes...

Lots of wind – what to do?

At this time of the year the wind plays a big hand in getting out and enjoying the lakes. 

Delicious health benefits of trout

Trout hooked in the lakes at this time of year are in prime condition for eating. The two year-old fish, the age most commonly caught in spring, have deep orange flesh rich with healthy oils and Omega-3 fatty acids – health professionals tell us these are the good foods we need to eat more of!

The trout fishing season has begun

The opening of the trout fishing season has begun and the spring weather is making conditions great for getting some fantastic fish for the table.

The fish go in, the fish come out...

Fish & Game have just started their releases of fish into many of the lakes and these yearlings going in now will be the fish anglers are targeting next Opening Day.

A carnival on the lakes

 Lakes Tarawera, Rotoiti and Okataina open to boat fishing on 1st October after three months of resting and the carnival atmosphere on the lakes and the spring weather is always fun for visitors and locals alike.

The fishing season is set to kick off

Lakes Tarawera, Rotoiti and Okataina open to boat fishing on 1st October after three months of resting and the carnival atmosphere on the lakes and the spring weather is always fun for visitors and locals alike.