Agroventures changes name to Velocity Valley

Agroventures changes name to Velocity Valley

After nearly 20 years Agroventures Adventure Park is changing its name to Velocity Valley.

Located amid the sweeping hills of Paradise Valley in Rotorua, the company's new identity is inspired by the valley it calls home and the speed and adrenaline experienced on the six rides offered at the park.  "We've always been about speed, rapid movement and the rush of leaving your comfort zone," said Velocity Valley managing director, Simon Short.

"Our new name and brand now clearly reflects this."

Along with the company's new look, Velocity Valley's Shweeb Racers, which are the only ones of its kind in the world, have recently been kitted out with electrics, which Short said it was excited to unveil.  "The new and improved Shweeb Racers are great for the little ones," Short said.

"Racers can go from zero to 50km/h faster and easier than ever before."

To help celebrate, visitors to Velocity Valley over Auckland Anniversary Weekend can experience the Shweeb Racer, Swoop, Agrojet, Freestyle Airbag and the Freefall Xtreme at a reduced rate of $25 per ride (usually $49), as well as the Rotorua Bungy for a reduced rate of $85 (usually $129).

"We're looking forward to seeing locals and visitors alike and can't wait to show off our new branding over the long weekend."

As part of the new branding, each ride has been given a pulse reading, from cruise to insane, which clearly defines the adrenaline level of each experience.