Singing our praises: SOL3 MIO discovers there’s lots to do in Rotorua

SOL3 MIO, New Zealand’s very own operatic pop vocal trio, shares why Rotorua is the perfect boys’ trip away.

What activity would you say is a must-do for people visiting Rotorua and why?
There are so many gems in Rotorua we didn't even know about! We actually had a laugh because when we went to Tamaki Māori Village, part of the experience is you get an insightful tour into the Māori culture. We all thought to ourselves, “well this is more for the tourists; we have a fairly in-depth knowledge of the culture.” Then as the tour went on, all of us were shocked as there is still so much we don't know. We ended up being the ones asking all the questions. It's a must-go – tourist or local! Oh, and the food was yum! 

Are there any hidden gems that you discovered during your visit to Rotorua?
On our final night we wanted somewhere warm and cosy. Somewhere we could have a few ales and laugh about our adventures. We came across a little corner bar called Pig & Whistle. This place was full of life! The staff ended up staying open for us to have one last beer. Thank you guys!

What is your favourite café or restaurant in Rotorua? What did you eat there and why would you recommend this establishment?
Randomly while we were soaking in the magical baths at Secret Spot Hot Tubs, we were asked if we’d like to taste a burger made by father and son duo Blue Smoke BBQ Rotorua. Firstly, who can turn down a burger? Secondly, these were no mere burgers. Moses and Tai had the keto burger and Pene had the Blue Smoke special. To this day, we still talk about those burgers. It was one of the best burgers we’ve ever had – and we've had a lot of burgers!

What would you recommend people do to relax when visiting Rotorua?
We couldn’t believe the amount of things there were to do in Rotorua. The Pullman Rotorua hotel was an easy stay being so central to everything. We were there for two days and both afternoons we found ourselves soaking in hot tubs either in the iconic mud baths at Hell’s Gate, or at Secret Spot. It was the perfect boys’ getaway for the week, and just what we needed after touring the country.

Why would you recommend that others visit Rotorua?
Rotorua is the place to go to get away from the rat race. You can stay there for a weekend and get your adventure full, or spend an evening soaking in the waters. We travelled down for two nights, and honestly, it was the best thing we could’ve asked for. One of the highlights was taking Tai whitewater rafting for the first time with River Rats Rafting. They were fun and very accommodating, especially finding wetsuits and life jackets to fit, how do we say, larger-than-life boys, ha ha!

Thank you RotoruaNZ for hosting SOL3 MIO, you guys are the best! See you again soon. 

Pene, Tai and Moses

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