Lonely Planet names Redwoods Nightlights number 2 in the world

Lonely Planet released their World’s Best Forest Canopy Walkways list a couple of days ago and a Rotorua attraction has made the list.

Coming in at Number 2 out of 11 places around the world is Redwoods Nightlights. Congratulations to executive director Bruce Thomasen and his team!
“The experience of standing up to 65ft (20m) above the fern-covered forest floor, while surrounded by the earthy aroma of redwood trees, is enhanced by mood-lighting from hanging lanterns,” wrote Lonely Planet writer Ali Wunderman.
Each year since its opening in 2016, the number of people flocking to Redwoods Nightlights in Rotorua continues to grow as visitors are amazed with the unique, birds’ eye view of the forest below and treetops above, and the 33 larger-than-life David Trubridge lanterns.
This eco-tourism walk is also open during the day, from 9am daily, providing a whole different perspective.
Redwoods Nightlights is 700 metres long, and spans 28 suspension bridges and 27 platforms at heights of six to 20 metres above the forest floor.
Check out Lonely Planet’s write-up here.

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