5 questions with Miriam Odlin

Continuing our new feature for our website and on our socials, we’d like to introduce you to another Rotorua local, Miriam Odlin, and hear what she loves about our fair city.

Our first intro featured Redwoods Treewalk administration manager Kip Mather. While he may be stuck in an office during most of his working days, he more than truly makes up for this with trail running, tramping, mountain biking and more in his spare time. If you missed his story, check it out here.  

On the other hand, Miriam's business sees her out and about most days of the week. Calling herself a coffee peddler is the perfect description for someone who not only roasts and sells coffee beans, but she delivers them by e-bike anywhere in Rotorua.

Introducing Miriam Odlin, 'coffee peddler' and owner of Mourea Coffee Company

How long have you lived here?
I have lived in Rotorua since 2008. Before that we were in Norway and the South Island. I was born in Scotland to Kiwi parents and grew up in the streaming metropolis of Whanganui. 
What do you love most about Rotorua? 
Forests, river, lakes and staunch Māori culture
Do you have any hobbies or pastimes that take advantage of our beautiful region?
Biking, running, kayaking, occasional waka ama
Do you have a favourite café or restaurant in Rotorua and what’s your favourite dish?
Spring Festival Dumpling – eggplant dishes and pan-fired scallion pancake
When you have friends or family visit, what do you recommend they do while they’re here and why?
Depends on the friends. Anything from a walk around Kuirau Park to Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre, Rotorua Canopy Tours, etc., to rafting the Kaituna

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