Conference Activities

The conference agenda may draw people together, but it’s the conference activities which your delegates will remember and talk about for years to come. From delicious spa treatments to rugged mountain biking and off-roading, few places in the world offer so many high-quality indoor and outdoor conference activities for your delegates as Rotorua does.


Get to know what really makes your colleagues tick while you’re clipped to a zipline in an eco-forest, taking a scenic helicopter flight over otherworldly landscapes formed by an 1886 eruption, rafting over the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world, or taking on another team in an epic game of tug-o-war in a mineral mud bath.


Even one of the oldest networking sports takes on another dimension when you’re in Rotorua. Where else in the world can you play a game of golf on a course with hissing geothermal vents and then dine next an active geyser?


Whether your group is large or small, Rotorua has an abundance of activities to provide team building and networking opportunities for your delegates. You can choose to intersperse them in your conference schedule, or create pre- or post-conference activity add-ons for your groups.