So much of what makes Rotorua a great place to visit, also makes it a great place to live

We measure success here by the quality of our lifestyle, the diverse opportunities available to us, and the value of our connections to nature, to each other, and to the rest of New Zealand.
People living here enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities based around an extensive network of forest trails and 18 lakes. We’re also conveniently located for easy access to the Bay of Plenty coastline and the Central Plateau for sea and snow.


Connectivity to nature

With glistening lakes, spectacular forests and amazing geothermal wonders, Rotorua is the perfect home for nature lovers. Residents benefit from world-class outdoor activities like boating, swimming, mountain biking, trail running and fishing. Rotorua has become the lifestyle destination of choice for professional couples, families and people that have a passion for life and the outdoors.


Rich in culture

As the home of Te Arawa and centre of Māori arts and crafts learning, as well as Māori tourism, this is a place where culture thrives. You see it in our passion for the arts with regular festivals to showcase art, food and culture. Our weekly food markets and our focus on indigenous food make dining out a cultural experience to remember.


Diverse and innovative economy

Rotorua has one of New Zealand’s most diverse economies, with businesses offering job opportunities across forestry and wood processing, tourism, geothermal, agribusiness, education, health, manufacturing and social services. This is a city rich in creativity and talent. Businesses thrive here around growth industries and innovative niche markets, including mountain biking, food provenance and technology.


Strong, meaningful community values

The values of kaitiakitanga (guardianship, stewardship) and manaakitanga (hospitality, kindness) have helped to shape our distinct culture and our people’s strong connection to the natural elements. Responsibility, sustainability and wellbeing are central to the links between Te Arawa people and this place.
This connection to the land and mātauranga (Māori knowledge and wisdom) bring a focus on sustainable wealth creation, working in partnership for the good of the land, the community and the generations to come.

Connections and ease of access

We’re located in the centre of the North Island so it’s easy to get here from anywhere. Regular flights between Rotorua and Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch keep us connected and we’re less than an hour’s drive from a number of beaches and two and a half hours to New Zealand’s largest ski field.


Affordable housing

Rotorua offers excellent lakeside, rural and city living options to rent or buy that suit many budgets and lifestyles.



Due to our strong tourism visitor industry, Rotorua’s infrastructure is well developed for a city of this size. The city has recently attracted more than $200 million in Central Government investment for exciting new developments that will continue to improve the city for residents and visitors alike, including the development of our city’s lakefront, spa facilities, forest access points, roading, Rotorua Museum, and Sir Howard Morrison Centre.

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