Rotorua is a city rich in creativity and talent, making it a great place to work

Rotorua offers compelling business opportunities, exceptional infrastructure, and a range of support tools for businesses wanting to establish themselves here.

Whether you like to keep fit, participate in the arts or in cultural activities, Rotorua offers a truly excellent lifestyle. And Rotorua is a great place to either start or advance your career.
Rotorua’s diverse economy of small to medium sized businesses means that a myriad of career opportunities is available – from front line, labourers and tradespeople, to highly specialised technicians, scientists, engineers, academics and professionals.
Businesses are thriving in growth industries such as mountain biking, wood processing and food provenance. 
The people who make their home here are innovative and creative; this is a place where ideas come to life. We’re home to adventurous tourism inventions (like the Luge, Shweeb Racer, ZORB, and Vertigo) and innovative industrial and manufacturing companies like Patchell Industries and Kilwell Fibretube.
As the home of Te Arawa, there’s a strong connection to mātauranga (Māori knowledge and wisdom) and a focus on sustainable wealth creation, working in partnership for the good of the land, the community and the generations to come.

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