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Getting Settled

You’ve decided to relocate to Rotorua – you’ve made a great choice

We know that moving to a new city can be daunting. Thankfully, there are several agencies happy to assist you with important information like job and house hunting, and immigration advice if you’re coming from overseas. There’s more information on the Work and Study pages, too, that you might find helpful.

Job opportunities

With a number of high calibre recruitment and temping agencies located in Rotorua, assistance in finding a role is only a phone call away.
Search Careers New Zealand’s jobs database to find out about the current job market, salaries, job opportunities, and entry requirements for occupations. is another useful source for your job hunt.
Careers New Zealand also has a section on finding work if you are new to New Zealand and includes information on:
  • What you should know about the New Zealand workplace
  • Tips for creating a New Zealand style CV
  • Going for an interview in New Zealand.

To work in New Zealand you must have a work visa or New Zealand residency or citizenship. If you have a job offer and do not have the appropriate visa allowing you to work click on this link or phone 0508 55 88 55.
New Kiwis is a free job site for skilled migrants who are seeking employment. Register online and create a skills profile and link to Rotorua businesses who are members of the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce network.
Work and Income has a number of online tools to help you find a job.


Rotorua offers a good range of housing options: city apartments, suburban homes, rural lifestyle blocks, and lakeside properties.
If you’re buying a house, properties here are a lot more affordable than other main centres. According to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, Rotorua’s median house price is $487,000 (July 2020), compared with $920,000 for Auckland and $710,000 for Tauranga.
For a list of local real estate agents see
For rentals, check out:  


Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. INZ is responsible for attracting the best people to New Zealand and supporting them into the workforce so they become long-term contributors. It also contributes to key export industries like tourism and education.
New Zealand Now provides a one-stop shop for new migrants looking to live and work in New Zealand.
A walk-in information service is available at the Rotorua Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

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