Sustainable Business

Our vision is to position Rotorua as a leader in sustainable business practices that support the well-being of the district and showcase innovation that supports the development of a circular economy

We support a wide range of organisations to develop the capability and capacity needed for sustainable futures. These organisations come from a range of sectors within the local economy including attractions and activities, forestry, wood processing, Māori economy and other business and non-profit organisations.
Our work connects people, land, capital and ideas that together will help bring about positive change. There is a wide variety of opportunities to advance sustainable practices. When needed, we bring in outside expertise and facilitate funding to grow organisational capability to deliver on Rotorua’s potential for a sustainable future.

Need support?

The Rotorua Sustainable Charter is an organisation committed to the promotion of sustainability that enhances the health, well-being and education of our community. Formed nearly 25 years ago, in 1998, by a group of tourism operators to create and encourage environmental sustainability, those original organisations are now leading the way in not only environmental but also social, economic, product responsibility.
With subsidised support available to businesses across all sectors of the economy, get in touch to learn what support is available and how it can benefit your business.