Mentoring & Business Growth Advice

Rotorua has the right elements for your business to succeed

You’ll need a system to nurture and develop your business plans, and to assist the processes from idea development to market – not just from Central Government but also at a community level. That’s where Rotorua shines. Rotorua is so attractive for start-ups due to the large number of private organisations that support companies.


Firestation is the only business growth centre with programmes and professional coaches available across the wider Bay of Plenty. Their services cover leadership, sales, governance, marketing and business coaching. The Incubate programme delivered aims to help provide start-ups and entrepreneurs the keys that they need to develop their ideas into a well-rounded offering to seek the funding needed to launch.

Rotorua Business Chamber

Rotorua Business Chamber works with all businesses and agencies by providing advocacy, support services and networking towards building a better business environment in our city. There are upwards of 600 member organisations and one of the key aspects of the Chamber is to facilitate networking between those members, and provide opportunities for collaboration.

Enterprise Angels

Enterprise Angels is a highly active membership-based investment network. Enterprise Angels is a unique model of early-stage investing, having a full-time management team and a deep collection of qualified investors to assist entrepreneurs in obtaining the resources they need – funds, as well as skills and expertise.
Since launching in 2008, Enterprise Angels has facilitated the investment of more than $49.2 million in 87 early-stage and established businesses across a variety of industries. This organisation gives start-ups in the Bay of Plenty a real edge.