How We Can Help

Connecting ideas with capital

Destination Rotorua is committed to identifying more ways of bringing people, resources, infrastructure and ideas together to create diverse investment and development opportunities for our district.

Make our partnerships work for you

We collaborate with central government, local government, iwi and private investors to unlock economic opportunities for new and existing businesses. These partnerships help demonstrate the collaborative culture that makes Rotorua a destination of choice for business start-ups and relocations.

Use our knowledge and data

We’ll share our data and insights that can drive your decision. These can be anything from market overviews for start-up businesses, to market intelligence for investments underway, information for feasibility studies, and collation of industry-specific insights for national investment.

Meet the right people

Getting to know the right organisations, groups, programmes and more that will take your business plans to the next step is invaluable. We can introduce you and help facilitate these partnerships to get you further down the track.

Take advantage of support

A comprehensive Council support programme offers regulatory advice, assistance, and initiatives to support a smooth transition. We can help you access the specific information you need to succeed.

Rotorua Business Chamber provides advocacy, support services and networking toward building a better business environment in the city.
The nationwide Business Mentors programme is active in Rotorua, and the Bay of Plenty hub of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is located in Tauranga. NZTE provides multiple channels of support to businesses that are serious about expanding and growing internationally.
Rotorua is home to Firestation, the only business growth centre with programmes and professional coaches available across the wider Bay of Plenty. Firestation covers leadership, sales, governance, marketing, and business coaching for new and existing businesses.
Popular networking events such as the Chamber’s BA5 (Business After Five) and Firestation’s Rotorua X, and various business associations get your name out in the community and help you quickly get to know others.