Rotorua share calculators

Enabling Rotorua businesses to calculate share   

For all businesses, calculating market share is an essential business metric. For tourism and hospitality businesses, this is no different. Given the profile of the tourism industry with a large proportion of small operators, it can challenging to calculate. To help with this, we have created a simple tool to enable Rotorua businesses to calculate share based on different data sources. 

Visitation share calculator

  • This calculator is based on mobile phone data which calculates the number of domestic and international visitors at midday in the Rotorua district. 
  • To use the tool, select page 2. You then have the option to calculate share based on daily, monthly or yearly values. In the selection box, you can select multiple time periods.
  • Note that 'share' is based on total visitation regardless of whether they visited an activity or attraction. Also, locals are not included in the data.  

Spend share calculator

  • In the coming weeks we will be releasing the share calculator based on spend values. Watch this space.


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Visitation Market Share