Rotorua Tourism
Investment Partnership

Welcome to the Rotorua Tourism Partnership. This is where you will find all information and need to know details about how we work, where and how funds are allocated, who the board members are, what activity is planned and the all-important social aspects of working in a cool industry.  

Debbie Guptill

Velocity Valley - RTIP Chairperson


  • Collaborate & Connect
  • Assist in the Recovery post Covid through collaborative marketing activity with RotoruaNZ
  • Grow the capability of our members.
  • Be the trusted & influential voice of industry.


There are currently 80 partners from all parts of the visitor economy, from hotels, venues, airport, cafes, restaurants, motels, bed and breakfasts, holiday homes, attractions & activities.

Upcoming Events

21 September 2022

  • RTIP AGM & Industry Function

Tickets available from Eventbrite

RTIP Activity Plan 

Annually the board sets time aside to work on an annual activity plan. Information is gained from the membership to identify key areas of importance and opportunity for collaboration. 


The Board

The Partnership shall be governed by a Board, comprising of six members who shall be elected by the Partnership at the Partnerships Annual General Meeting.


Every year two members shall retire at each AGM, so we encourage you as members to think about contributing a few hours of your time every month to the industry and partnership. 


Board Members for the 2021 – 2022 Term 

Debbie Guptill, Chairperson

Velocity Valley

Paul Button, Treasurer
Rotorua Canopy Tours

Paul Raynor

Hell's Gate

Ed Judd

Novotel Rotorua Lakeside & ibis Rotorua

Tim Barrow

Volcanic Air

Bruce Thomasen

Redwoods Treewalk

Michelle Herrick, Board Observer (non-voting role) 
Skyline Rotorua

Jo Holmes, Board Observer (non-voting role)


The Rotorua Tourism Investment Partner Program (RTIP)


Formed by industry leaders the Rotorua Tourism Investment Partnership was formed to provide additional funding to support the marketing and development of Rotorua as a visitor destination. 

After going through several iterations, in June 2017, it was formalized into an Incorporated Society to ensure that there was financial and governance transparency. 

For 2022 and beyond, our aim is to support the efforts of RotoruaNZ to collectively work towards the recovery of the tourism sector while providing additional benefits to those financially contributing. 

In March 2020 the RTIP Board made a decision to cease all invoicing for the foreseeable future to give those in the membership the opportunity to adjust to the borders being closed and to find our feet as an industry with purely a domestic market.  We will be confirming cost structure in due course.


We’ll continue to stay transparent with how money is spent and the direction of the marketing campaign.  Partners will continue to be able to contribute their ideas and thoughts on direction and spending through regular forums, feedback surveys and casual catch ups with the partnership board.


Debbie Guptill

RTIP Chairperson

021 782777