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Great pictures bring great stories to life.  

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Need beautiful photos to help promote Rotorua?

The Rotorua Media Hub is your portal to free imagery for the promotion of Rotorua.

Media, PR agencies, event organisers

Most assets in our media hub are available for your use in stories about Rotorua, or for promoting Rotorua as a destination of choice.


The assets you’ll see are primarily low resolution (approximately 1080 x 720px), however, we have high res versions for many assets, making them suitable for print. 


How To: 

  1. Click on the green button “Go to Rotorua Media Hub” and create a one-time registration.
  2. Select which asset/s you’d like to use, then click download. 
  3. Choose the size of the image, add an explanation of how you intend to use the asset/s, read and check the box to accept Terms of Use
  4. For assistance please email us. 

The RotoruaNZ brand and logos 

The Rotorua Living Brand Guidelines 2022 has been created to provide guidance for both internal and external parties implementing the Rotorua brand. Our brand is a reflection of who we are as a destination, and a powerful asset for communicating with our international and domestic visitors and local community. 

To maintain the integrity of the brand, users are required to follow the guidelines provided in this document. Please download and read through this document. 


If you wish to use the RotoruaNZ brand in your marketing activities or communications, please email us with your name and contact details, and indicate the purpose you would like to use the logo for and what size or dimensions your require the logo to fit.