TRENZ 2024 Rotorua famils 

Rotorua: TRENZ 2024 Travel Trade Famil 

You are coming all the way to New Zealand to attend TRENZ 2024, why not visit Rotorua before the event? The Trade Team at RotoruaNZ, along with Rotorua tourism operators, warmly invite travel sellers attending TRENZ 2024 to express their interest in a pre- or post-TRENZ famil.

We have several different types of famils available to suit you and, with us, you’ll experience everything from Māori culture, to award-winning outdoor adventures, to incredible spa and wellness opportunities. You'll be amazed and inspired by the variety of experiences on offer in Rotorua. 

The best news? This is the perfect opportunity to get inspiration for your clients' trips to Rotorua by experiencing our destination first-hand. You’ll also get to meet our tourism operators, and experience the same incredible manaakitanga (hospitality) your clients will receive.

What will I experience?

We will be hosting two different types of famils: 

  1. A pre-TRENZ group famil, hosted by RotoruaNZ. This famil is perfect for travel sellers who are new to selling Rotorua (check out the famil itinerary here).

  2. An independent, curated famil, available pre- or post-TRENZ for travel sellers already familiar with Rotorua, or for those on a tight timeframe. This will be a great way for you to refresh your knowledge of our destination, and/or, perhaps experience some of our newer products.

In both situations, the perfect itinerary awaits! Check out the group itinerary here. For more information, contact Sabrina Gogg

What are the dates?

The pre-TRENZ group famil hosted by RotoruaNZ, commences at 12pm on Friday, 3rd of May, finishing at 12pm on Monday, 6th of May.  


Independent curated famils, available pre- or post-TRENZ, can be scheduled at a time that works best for you.


Express your interest

International travel buyers attending TRENZ 2024 are invited to express their interest in a famil by filling out this form:

(e.g. FIT/Group, or mix. If group, indicate the average group size).

Express of Interest Process & Timeframes

  • To express your interest in this post-TRENZ 2024 famil, please complete the above form.
  • The form you complete and the information provided will be reviewed by the RotoruaNZ travel trade team.
  • Expressions of interest close on 30 January 2024. 
  • Confirmation of acceptance to attend this famil will be provided by on or before Friday, 2 February 2024.

*Itinerary subject to change