Filming in Rotorua FAQs

How long does permit approval take?

Screen Rotorua requires a minimum of three full working days for processing and consultation from the date we receive a completed application. However, the time it takes to approve a permit will depend on the scale and location of your production. Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that some public spaces will require additional consultation which may extend the timeframe of the permit being issued.  Examples include forests, lakes and some geothermal areas.
For larger shoots that involve road closures or changes to public parking, please allow at least 44 working days for your permit to be issued as public notification will be necessary.


How much does a film/photography permit cost?

The location, size and impact of activities planned for your production will determine the total permit fee.


Do I need a permit to film on private property?

When filming on private property, you do not require a permit, however you should consult with surrounding businesses and residents prior to your shoot to make sure you do not affect day-to-day activities in the area.

You may still require parking permits for vehicles on the street or have other regulatory requirements that need to be met, so we ask that you still complete the filming application form [insert link] prior to shooting.


What information will I need to provide?

Once your production details are confirmed, you can apply for a film/photography permit.
You can apply for a permit to film in public places in Rotorua such as footpaths, roads, parks, lakes, forests and other public facilities. Before you apply for a film permit, please familiarise yourself with the Rotorua Film Protocol, and have the required application details and supporting documents ready to include in your application:

Application details:
Location/s name and address
Production details (production company and production type)
Filming dates (including contingency dates)
Shoot information - including equipment and personnel
Technical vehicles and parking requirements
Detailed sitemap/s
Public Liability Insurance
Site-specific health and safety risk assessment
Traffic Management Plan (if applicable)
Drone operator certification and aviation insurance (if applicable)

How do I apply to film in Rotorua?

Complete the filming permit application form and email to

What if I have more questions?

For permitting or general questions, email us at