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      Oct 2019

      Dire Straits Tribute Band: CANCELLED

      Introducing The NZ Dire Straits Tribute Show This popular Show features Kerry Adams up front leading his full professional band, with his trademark Dylan influenced vocals, seductive guitar playing and dark thoughtful songs that will leave you in awe. The first part of the show will feature early Dire Straits with songs Down to The waterline, Six blade Knife,Once upon a time in the West, Lady writer, Water of Love, Wild West End, In the gallery, and of course, Sultans of Swing The second part of The Show features Later Dire straits hits such as Twisting by The Pool, Tunnel of Love, Money For Nothing, Walk of Life, so Far Away, Brothers in Arms and many more classics, making for an authentic and thoroughly exciting show .. This show is currently touring the country to sold out shows and rave reviews. Please click on this link to see brief snippets of the band performing at Whangamata club October 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q_eD_8Dhzw&feature=youtu.be Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Straitmen-Dire-Straits-Tribute-Band/836017259777979?fref=ts Kerry Adams Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals Bob Shepherd Bass Guitar Dave Tickle Keyboards vocals Mark Helliwell Lead guitar Simon Hannah Drums vocals

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      Oct 2019

      Rotorua UkeBox - Ukulele Strum-along and Open Mic Sessions

      Come and enjoy the sound of ukulele hosted by Rotorua Museum in the Te Runanga Tea House. Open to both players and non-players alike, UkeBox is a forum for all who enjoy ukulele and music. Rotorua’s own ukulele group, the Thermaleles, will lead a community sing/play along and an open mic session for anyone who would like to perform. There will be hands-on learning opportunities and the Thermaleles will perform 2 or 3 of their own original songs. Requests for material to be covered or songsheets to be used during UkeBox, should be emailed to Julie.parsons@rotorualc.nz or posted to @RotoruaUkeBox Facebook page. Participation and watching UkeBox performances in Te Runanga Tea House is free of charge, although UkeBox will be asking for a gold coin donation to assist with costs.