Selwyn Wright, pianist and vocalist, and his wife Mary, also a well-known vocalist, have formed a keyboard and vocal duo called Passionata. They bring a dynamic interpretation to their classical and jazz repertoire.

At the core of every song lies a desire of the heart. Using more than fifty years experience on the world’s stages, Selwyn and Mary paint these universal understandings of love and loss, uncertainty and hope, and laughter and joy comprising the human condition.

Their sparkling contemporary arrangements utilise a palette of tonal colours drawn from classical elegance, dramatic musicals, tender television and motion picture themes, romantic popular ballads and high-energy jazz standards.

Passionata entertains by inviting audiences to share the rich tapestry of emotions woven from the heights and depths that compose the fabric of life.

Drop by our elegant Dukes Bar & Restaurant and enjoy some light entertainment while you enjoy lunch, high tea, or even just a drink and nibbles.