Colour the Night is Rotorua's annual one-night winter arts festival which sees arts and cultural spaces in Rotorua open their doors for a night full of performance, music and creativity.

This event is designed for locals and visitors to explore central Rotorua for a night through an artistic lens. There will be lots of things to see, new things to try and lots of people to meet.

2018 will see this event light up Rotorua for the third time - past events have seen more than 2,000 visitors with over 200 local artists/performers involved. The event is held during Matariki and is a showcase and celebration of local talent during this magical time of year.

Lots of individuals and groups will be showing their talents for the night and the art, music and performance on the night will be free, so put it in your diaries, grab your friends, family, coat, hat and scarf and come along to check it out!