Join us for this employment essentials business training. This is a fast-paced session for businesses and charities on the 90 day trial period, using contractors and best practice employment agreements.

Getting the distinction between employees and contractors wrong can have a significant and costly impact on a business.

A determination that it is an employment relationship could result in not only personal grievances but also claims for things such as accrued holidays and PAYE not paid by the employer. GST claimed by the employer may also have to be reimbursed to IRD.

Facilitated by employment gurus from Employers & Manufacturers Association this session will cover:
- 90-Day Trial Period Dos & Don’ts
- Deciding whether to have contractors or employees
- Essential ingredients of employment agreements
- Avoiding recruitment discrimination

Cancellation policy:
Cancellations must be received within 48 hours of the event or full payment is expected and no refunds given.