Willowhaven provides low cost accommodation. Our chalets, tourist flats & cabins have shower and cooking facilities, and if you are camping there are two modern amenities blocks.

Rotorua is a special place to visit. An area of intense volcanic acivity, it has rightly earned it's name as the 'The Sulphur City' with impressive examples of bubbling mud pools, exploding geysers and evidence of geothermal activity practically everywhere you look.

But Rotorua is not only known for what lies below. Rotorua has some of the richest Maori culture in New Zealand and is a great place to experience a Maori concert in a marae (meeting house) and to partake of a traditional 'Hangi' banquet.

Rotorua is a beautiful city to explore in it's own right, a fact recognised by its being acknowledged as New Zealand's most Beautiful City for 3 years in a row. The Government Gardens are a pleasure to walk through.