Tucked away in the southern shore of Lake Tarawera, the hot spring trickles down a small stream and into the lake. Take care dipping your toes into the water on the lake’s edge or using your hands, dig into the silky sand to feel the beauty of geothermal magic at work. Create a sandy hole to soak in, or build a rock pool to keep the hot water from escaping.

Those that are not inspired to walk 15 kms along the Tarawera Trail are welcome to make contact with Totally Tarawera, who are able to take you by Water Taxi to Te Rata Bay and return you back to The Landing.

Hot Water Beach is one of Rotorua's popular hot pools and is a great camping spot during the summer with access to good fishing, swimming and water skiing. To book a space get in touch with Whakarewarewa, who manage the site.

Insider Tip: Why not bring your own catch back to shore and cook it or have a fisherman cook it for you. Dig a hole in the sand and place the fish in the hole – the amount of heat given off by the sand is enough to cook the fish.