ROMIROMI – Traditional Romiromi massage & healing combines deep tissue massage, haemata (pressure points) and body alignment to help release blocked energy, creating more space and body freedom. Working on the central nervous system, Romiromi stimulates internal organs, releasing toxins, tension and pain, and replacing these with vitality. A great treatment for any health issue.
MIRIMIRI – Mirimiri massage is a softer practice - a therapeutic massage using our native kawakawa oil, to help your body shift and heal itself. Mirimiri massage works on all the layers and systems of your body helping to balance your mauri (life essence) and wairua (spirit). This is a great treatment to boost the immune system. Experience deep relaxation, clarity, lightness and wellness.

HEALING MASSAGE - Do you want to feel more balanced, grounded and have more energy? Are you on holiday and wanting to experience total relaxation? Do you want to be in peak performance before an important event or challenge? Are you pregnant and in need of some gentle pampering? Do you want natural fertility help? Are you depressed and lacking motivation? Do you feel like you are carrying a big weight? Are you looking for an alternative therapy to an old or recurring problem? If you are a visitor to our country, do you want to have an authentic Maori experience?

If you can say yes to one or more of these questions, a traditional Maori healing massage is for you! Call or email now to book a treatment. Your wellbeing is my concern. Relax at a Lakeside Retreat while you wait for your massage. For hundreds of years people from all around the world have been visiting Rotorua to bathe in our thermal mineral pools for their healing properties. In combination with an authentic traditional Maori Massage, you can experience huge health benefits unique to Rotorua.